School's Out For Summer!

Thanks to our education coordinators, food corps members, and students, this school year has been tremendously successful. According to one of our food corps members, Gabby Rodriguez, the Thurgood Marshall Academy garden is currently growing: “red kale, lettuce, tomatoes, garlic, parsley, basil, chives, eggplant, radishes, carrots, and lots of herbs!” These crops were planted, maintained, and eventually harvested by students. To celebrate the end of the year students at TMA were able to participate in several garden activities, both during structured lessons and free time.

    Our farm educator, Abbe Lentz wrapped up the school year with her students by having an open garden day! Students and their families were able to participate in gardening activities and take home fresh produce from the garden and our greenhouse. Abbe also mentioned the cool items growing in the garden: “potatoes, corn, purple carrots, three types of kale, and tons of basil!” Exciting!

    Finally, one of our food corps members Bailey Swan, created a cookbook for her C.S 154 students to wrap up the school year. The book is full of healthy recipes for kids–many of which we will soon be publishing on this blog!

    Stay tuned throughout the summer to see what our summer campers, farmers, and educators are up to!