A Successful Healthy Summer Event!

We here at Harlem Grown are excited to say that our 2018 Healthy Summer Event was a huge success! On Saturday July 21st, our 134 Street Farm hosted over 100 community members who learned about wellness, made windchimes and homemade toothpaste, practiced yoga and more! Locals, children, and volunteers also had opportunities to participate in farm tasks; according to our Agriculture Director, Ciara, “The day was filled with watering, searching for tomato suckers, composting, and staking eggplants.” A few volunteers also ventured down to the 127 Street Farm to assist us in digging holes for the foundation of our Impact Farm (coming soon)!

    Local Harlemites took full advantage of the activities offered, and participated in morning yoga:

yoga 1.png
yoga 2.png

Processing compost:

compost 1.png
compost 2.png


crochet 1.png
crochet 2.png


dance 1.png

Making windchimes with Nikki:

windchime 1.png
windchime 2.png

Cooking pasta salad with Abbey:

cook 1.png
cook 2.png

And making friends!

friends 1.png
friends 2.png
friends 3.png
friends 4.png

We extend a special thanks to our sponsors and community partners: Dig Inn, Juice Generation, Columbia Medical School, Northwell Health, Citibike, City Health Works, Zen and ML Crochet, Health-Ade Kombucha, Pret A Manger, Shape Up, and Island Photography, who generously donated time, services, and food! We could not have pulled this off without your support!

Finally, if you missed this event (or you’re still longing for more fun on the farm), volunteers are always welcome on Saturdays from 11 AM to 3 PM on our 134 Street site! Our next event will be our Fall Harvest Fair on September 29th, and will feature many more activities, so come check it out!